The GLPE Index is comprised of 40-75 listed private equity companies which together own over 1,000 private businesses. Those investments experienced returns as follows:

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*This report has been prepared by Red Rocks Capital from data believed to be reliable, but no representation is made as to accuracy or completeness.

The Global Listed Private Equity index includes securities that track the performance of private equity firms that are publicly traded. The performance results portrayed reflect the reinvestment of dividends and other earnings. Index returns shown are not reflective of actual investor performance or do they reflect fees and expenses applicable to investing.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results and future investments have the potential for loss as well as profit.

An investor cannot invest directly in an index.

None of the information contained here constitutes a solicitation, offer, opinion, or recommendation by Red Rocks Capital LLC to buy or sell any security, or to provide legal, tax, accounting, or investment advice or services regarding the profitability or suitability of any security or investment.

Top 10 Constituents

The GLPE Index is comprised of 40-75 listed private equity companies which together own over 1,000 private businesses. The top 10 direct investments are broken down in the table below.

Company NameTicker


as of




Index Methodology

The Red Rocks Capital Global Listed Private Equity (GLPE) Index is designed to track the performance of private equity firms which are publicly traded on any nationally recognized exchange worldwide.

Comprised of 40 to 75 public companies, the GLPE Index provides diversified exposure to private companies that are owned and managed by private equity firms.

Rather than use simple market cap weightings, the GLPE Index methodology adjusts market capitalization with a purity score to emphasize firms that pursue the private equity business model - buying private companies, enhancing them over 7-10 years, and then selling them.  Firms such as alternative asset managers, holding companies, and investment banks, which have limited direct ownership of private companies, would receive a lower purity score.

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